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At Luxe Developments, we combine breath-taking styles, while also ensuring your home contains the comfort you need in order to experience the life you've always desired.

Situated in the beautiful neighborhood of North Pickering, and just minutes away from Rouge National Urban Park, this luxe home will fulfill all your needs. Whether it's about being immersed in nature, or having quick access to the city, you’ll find yourself experiencing the best of both worlds at Oakview. 

With around 16, 000 sq. ft. of interior space, Oakview makes every day an incredible one. This home is filled with luxury features and amenities, and will exceed all your expectations with its impeccable attention to French transitional architectural details. There are limitless possibilities the moment you step in through the beautifully crafted entryway. As soon as you enter this luxurious custom home, you'll find yourself situated in the grand foyer opened to above, and the indoor water fountain surrounded by the luxurious double staircase. To expand your mind further, this dream home includes a cinema, library, its very own conservatory, and many more. This custom home gives the ultimate entertaining experience, as well as ensuring an active lifestyle can be met with an indoor swimming pool and personal work-out gym. With 6 beautifully designed spacious bedrooms, Oakview makes it much easier for you to comfortably accommodate your family members, friends, and guests. This custom home lets you think outside the boundaries, and the possibilities are limitless.


Oak View is being developed from dreams to design to construction, and will bring you a completely new world of home luxury.



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